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Feel Good

When is the last time you felt good?
I mean really good. I’m talking a good night’s sleep, pain-free movement, stress-free day kind of feeling. We easily become so wrapped up in our daily routines until being under stress and in pain becomes the “norm”. We forget ease. We neglect comfort.

Make time to FEEL GOOD again…your body needs it. You deserve it.

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Healing Touch

Energy Therapy

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What is Healing Touch? A relaxing, nurturing energy therapy technique which promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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  • F E E L  G O O D .  D O  G O O D .
to celebrate my 25 years “in the biz” i will be donating $25 from every 90m session (massage or gua sha) during the month of february to @goatsofanarchy! my goal is to raise $1000 so BOOK NOW and book often!
my husband and i have been volunteering here weekly and it’s just so awesome. GOA is a non-profit vegan animal sanctuary that cares for almost 200 hundred goats, horses, chickens, pigs, and cows. many are special needs and use prosthetics and/or wheelchairs or are blind, have neurological issues, or have missing limbs or ears from frostbite or deformities at birth. they are well-cared for as a result of generous donations and are free to live their best lives on the farm!
if you’d like to support them directly visit the link in my bio. you can:
- donate via paypal or venmo
- buy merch
- purchase from the amazon wishlist
- use amazonsmile and choose GOA as the charity
- use the roundup app to donate change from credit card purchases
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  • M A S S A G E  M Y T H S
if there’s one word in the wellness industry i wish i could banish it’s TOXINS. it’s a fear-mongering marketing term that is constantly and inaccurately overused. you say, but google and everyone says massage DOES flush toxins so it must be true! all i’m saying is do some research. this notion has been disproven.
what is a toxin? it’s POISON...e.g. from animal venom or pollutants, lead or mercury, aka heavy metals. sure there are people who actually have these toxins in their body but they are not eliminated with a massage! they are removed by medical intervention.
our bodies naturally produce metabolic “wastes” or by-products which sometimes aren’t meant to be eliminated anyway. instead, they’re processed, recycled, and circulated by the body. our detoxifying organs - the liver, kidneys, and intestines do all the work of processing and eliminating for us! massage does not and cannot “wring out the organs”, or “flush out toxins from the blood”. and don’t even get me started about the lactic acid myth! •
what about lymph you ask? lymph removes and filters excess fluids and cell debris. lymph acts as a security system and captures invaders. lymphatic DRAINAGE = movements to reduce swelling from fluid build-up. massage CAN increase localized circulation and it assists in moving fluids. •
what about drinking water after a massage, i heard that flushes toxins? nope. we could all probably use a little more hydration so drink up if you’re thirsty. your kidneys could use a little extra fluid to aid their processes but, say it with me, water does not flush away toxins. it doesn’t dilute your blood or lymph - it can’t even enter those systems! you also don’t sweat out toxins - you sweat to cool off your body. there may be some dirt from your pores mixed in but those aren’t toxins either. we eliminate unnecessary waste in our bodies via pee and poop, period.
related reading on my blog...’demystifying detox’ and ‘why am i wrapped like a burrito?’
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  • T W E N T Y - F I V E
i attended @swedishinstitutenyc 1993-94 and because the state board exams were only offered twice/year i had to in 1995 i became a NYS licensed massage therapist (and still am).
growing up i was convinced i would be an artist - even attending a pretty structured art studio during high school. but when it came to going to university of the arts in philly, i backed out and moved to NYC in 1990 without much of a plan. i went to NYIT for a semester but lost interest so i worked at a health food store, down to earth, in the west village.
that’s where i saw brochures for the SI and natural gourmet cooking school...both seemed interesting. i never even had a massage before but the idea of standing in a hot kitchen for 16 hours a day lost its appeal quickly! a customer, bonnie crellin (thanks’s amazing what you can use in the search bar 😬), came in to the store daily, often with her massage table. she knew i was trying to decide what to do with my life and one day told me “you should go to massage school. i think you’d be good at it” based on absolutely nothing as far as i can tell, ha! and so i went 🤷🏻‍♀️. at 22 i was the youngest in my class if not ALL the classes as most people were there for a career change. every day i’d work 7-4, walk up to school, eat dinner, nap/do homework/study for tests, and be in class 6:30-9:30.
the rest is history as they say! more stories to come about my work experience throughout the years...
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