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Feel Good

When is the last time you felt good?
I mean really good. I’m talking a good night’s sleep, pain-free movement, stress-free day kind of feeling. We easily become so wrapped up in our daily routines until being under stress and in pain becomes the “norm”. We forget ease. We neglect comfort.

Make time to FEEL GOOD again…your body needs it. You deserve it.

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Healing Touch

Energy Therapy

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What is Healing Touch? A relaxing, nurturing energy therapy technique which promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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  • G O  W I T H  T H E  F L O W
i came across this on the Deep Massage Society facebook page...
What shall you do?
Let your pelvis float like a boat on the water.
Feel the earth yield under your feet.
Let the sails of the trapezius and 
the other riggings of the shoulder girdle
Allow for full sail.
Let your spine elongate for the best view.
Let the little person in your brain 
Enjoy the show,
Realizing it is not in charge
And the World
Is Wide.
i resonate with water so i’m all about this image illustrating the ease at which we should carry ourselves! the drawing and words are a reminder to let your mindbody move through the day with fluidity, flexibility, + flow.
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  • from southampton to shoreditch before heading home. i had just enough time to wander around - to the tower bridge/tower of london, spitalfields market, brick lane - with a visit to @siambotanicals which was an unexpected surprise (see my story), and i got some kimchi inari from @vegan_yes for the flight home (should’ve listened to the owner and got more mochi)! #ayatanaontheroad #shoreditch #bricklane #homewardbound #cheersUK #streetart #towerbridge #calmdown
a quick trip to the UK for @redflowernyc training for the canyon ranch mareel spa team aboard the queen victoria! healing touch (pictured) is part of the organic ocean crystal wrap and i was so happy the therapists were open to learning about energy therapy...and are excited to do it!
healing touch is subtle yet incredibly effective for clearing the mind and creating space for deep rest and healing.
this treatment begins with dry brushing followed by hot towel compresses, activation of key acupressure points for better breathing, a wrap in a moisturizing body lotion, and face massage!
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