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Feel Good

When is the last time you felt good?
I mean really good. I’m talking a good night’s sleep, pain-free movement, stress-free day kind of feeling. We easily become so wrapped up in our daily routines until being under stress and in pain becomes the “norm”. We forget ease. We neglect comfort.

Make time to FEEL GOOD again…your body needs it. You deserve it.

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Healing Touch

Energy Therapy

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What is Healing Touch? A relaxing, nurturing energy therapy technique which promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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  • pain sucks. 
reframe your pain so that YOU are in control. it takes consistent effort to limit your suffering.
the first step is understanding your pain - when did it start? what activities influence it (for better or worse)? is it constant or intermittent? what kind of pain is it - burning, tingling, sharp, stabbing? is it worse after eating certain foods? keeping a pain journal is extremely helpful for tracking your pain. it will offer you a more realistic perspective.
second, create an action plan to help your body help itself! how can you limit stress? what dietary changes will you make to reduce inflammation? how can you adjust your attitude? what steps will you take to create more peace, rest, and relaxation?
third, do it. commit yourself to your healing process. it takes time. what works for someone else may not work for you so be flexible, pivot as needed, and carry on. start meditating, begin a breathwork practice, sign up for that yoga/pilates/spin/kickboxing class, commit to a fitness plan, schedule a massage/healing touch/acupuncture session, use essential oils or cbd infused products, try sound healing whether it’s singing bowls or a spotify playlist, try cryotherapy or far-infrared sauna, use guided relaxation techniques, eat well.
there are a multitude of ways to unlock your healing potential if you have the right perspective and desire to live a more pain-free life!
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fact: what you eat can influence chronic pain. studies show a well-balanced diet consisting of whole grains and a variety of fruits+vegetables creates far less inflammation in the body. strive to eat a rainbow every day...whole foods come in every color!
food is not often thought of as a cause of chronic pain but it should be considered more thoughtfully as it is the easiest way to gain control over persistent pain. change your diet, clean up your microbiome, strengthen your immune turn you’ll reduce inflammation.
research shows that certain foods can aggravate pain - sugar, caffeine, dairy, meat, processed foods, and alcohol are the main contributors. everyone responds differently but you can start limiting your intake of some or all of these and observe how you feel. keeping a food journal is helpful for tracking diet changes.
along with ditching fast foods and as many processed foods as possible i would strongly recommend eliminating dairy and meat products. i promise you it is not as daunting as you think! there are SO many alternatives EVERYWHERE, it’s never been an easier time to switch to a plant-based lifestyle. if you need some guidance i would be happy to help!
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