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Feel Good

When is the last time you felt good?
I mean really good. I’m talking a good night’s sleep, pain-free movement, stress-free day kind of feeling. We easily become so wrapped up in our daily routines until being under stress and in pain becomes the “norm”. We forget ease. We neglect comfort.

Make time to FEEL GOOD again…your body needs it. You deserve it.

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Healing Touch

Energy Therapy

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What is Healing Touch? A relaxing, nurturing energy therapy technique which promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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  • nashville. these gua sha facial fusion classes take up most of the time during our short stays in these cities. here are some snippets of the sights (aka the times square of the south),@grazenashville (a great vegan restaurant), the arcade / woolworths building, and the rooftop at the bobby hotel nearby. #ayatanawellness #ayatanaontheroad #guashafacialfusion #nashville #cecilybraden #nudies
i’m back at @vianutrition MAY 11+16 offering gua sha therapy. there’s ONE spot left on may 16 at 4:30p! contact karen ASAP (contact info on ViaNutrition profile) to book.
in case you think you don’t need something like gua sha, you’re not a facial person, it won’t feel as good as a full body massage, or it’s just some dumb trend...THINK AGAIN.
gua sha has been used in TCM (traditional chinese medicine) for centuries; so while it’s having a moment in the wellness spotlight thanks to the ‘gram-worthy beauty of the tools, it’s actually a legit therapy with a purpose.
those who have received this experience have said things like, “i’ve never had anything like that before!”, “holy shit what did you do, i can breathe!”, “omg you got rid of my puffiness!”, “wow, my jaw tension is gone!”, “ummm, i woke up without any congestion, and that never happens!”.
some of us hold A LOT of physical+emotional tension in the 43 muscles in our face! gua sha softens that tension (hello TMJ sufferers and eyebrow furrowers). it triggers the relaxation response and the touch receptors on our skin which tell the nervous system to calm the f*** down. gua sha also supports the lymphatic system by unblocking and draining stagnation; the cause of a dull complexion, puffiness, inflammation, poor skin health, sinus congestion. your lymph pathways are like a highway system - if there’s an accident, traffic comes to a halt. slowly, the wreckage is cleared and one by one cars start moving again. that’s what gua sha does! it clears the debris and gets things MOVING which creates vibrancy and healthy skin!
you treatment also includes a back+neck massage, healing touch (energy based therapy), acupressure/marma points, scalp massage, + hands-on face massage. it’s 90m of focused, stress-relieving, deeply relaxing, highly effective, feel good techniques delivered with intention, purpose, and presence. best of all? you see (and feel) immediate results!
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i’ve wanted to take a cadaver dissection class for some time, basically for the same reasons as this woman, but i always put it off (probably because i remind myself it’s a dead body and are you f’n crazy for wanting to cut into and look at it?!). but one of the things that stuck with me most from this podcast wasn’t susie knudsen’s description of the cadaver but her observation of not finding what she was looking for which was the physical proof of adhesions (aka knots). it drove home the idea that sure there can be actual tissue damage from physical trauma, but the tight muscles and knots, the common ‘dysfunctions’ in your body that therapists tend to focus on in our sessions are seemingly created more by our mental+emotional states (ahem STRESS), which ceases to exist when we die. •
her perspective turned to seeing the physical body as the hardware and the soul/energetic body as the software...a description to which i fully subscribe. katie furthered the hardware/software concept: therapists need your password to access your software (your energy+spirit) in order to balance it with your physical condition.
meaning, together we share the responsibility for your healing. sure i want to “fix” what’s ailing you but view your session as me massaging WITH you rather than something i do TO you. if muscle tension, knots, + pain aren’t solely caused by a physical manifestation that means you need to periodically perform software upgrades; participate in your health, shift your perspective on how you think about and manage your pain, keep your stressors in check, make lifestyle adjustments, and listen to your body.
“when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
wayne dyer
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