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Feel Good

When is the last time you felt good?
I mean really good. I’m talking a good night’s sleep, pain-free movement, stress-free day kind of feeling. We easily become so wrapped up in our daily routines until being under stress and in pain becomes the “norm”. We forget ease. We neglect comfort.

Make time to FEEL GOOD again…your body needs it. You deserve it.

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Healing Touch

Energy Therapy

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What is Healing Touch? A relaxing, nurturing energy therapy technique which promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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  • sorrento day trip! although the weather wasn’t ideal i still managed to wander through this lovely town on a cliff. #ayatanaontheroad #sorrento #daytripper #wanderlust #mediterraneansea
  • i saw some amazingly beautiful churches in naples today...and honestly i can’t even remember which one’s which in my photos! 😬 i THINK this is chiesi di santa maria donnaregina. and these photos do NOT do the detailed artistry any justice!  #ayatanaontheroad #napoli #walkabout
  • exploring naples. #ayatanaontheroad #wanderlust #yesireallydowork #napoli