Feel Good

I am a mobile therapist. All sessions are offered in the comfort and convenience of your home or hotel.

90m 180 / 60m 120
Even after doing this work for decades, my massage is constantly evolving. It’s impossible to categorize my style solely as Swedish or deep tissue. I see my work as nudging your body to soften, allowing me to create more effective change. I view the body as a whole because no system in your body works independently. It may seem like I’m zeroing in on just your muscles but I am also thinking about the nervous and lymphatic systems and also considering your physical, emotional, and mental state to bring back fluidity and more comfortable movement.

This is the “house” massage incorporating a variety of therapeutic modalities to create a session based on your individual needs; whether it’s to help you manage pain, recover from an injury, or just relax.

add 30m of healing touch or MLD (face) to your session for extra relaxation! 

90m 180 

Where does stress noticeably reveal itself? The face. I believe massage is skincare; that it’s about anti-stress rather than anti-aging. Face massage (whether with a Gua sha tool, Lymphatic Brush, or my hands) creates profound changes, resulting in vibrant, healthy, better functioning skin because it not only softens muscle tension but also quiets the nervous system.  Massage is where the magic happens and all of these techniques help release soft tissue (muscles +fascia) restrictions that impede the movement of blood, qi, and lymph while encouraging deep rest and relaxation. Your skins healing potential is ignited and becomes bright and radiant while your natural contours are revealed…without products or devices!

Discover the benefits of a ‘no product facial’:

I am not an esthetician and these treatments are NOT facials; but in my opinion, the best part! In addition to my hands, I incorporate gua sha, buccal / neolifiting massage, and manual lymph drainage in your session depending on what you need (or prefer). Please prepare for your session by cleansing your skin. Noticeable, immediate results are often experienced. See before and after photos here, here, and here


60m 120 or add 30m to your massage

What is Healing Touch?
Healing Touch is an energy-based and heart-centered approach to feeling good. It is a deeply relaxing and nurturing technique that promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

I am mostly skeptical of the many health claims within the wellness industry and am typically on the side of evidence based therapies. The truth is, no one actually knows how or IF energy therapies work! You can find all sorts of claims in all sorts of flowery marketing lingo but the research is scant and largely anecdotal. I had long doubted the validity of energy therapy yet my attraction and introduction to Healing Touch seemingly came out of nowhere and surprised me. In my opinion, just like during a massage, your brain is receiving positive input from touch which triggers the release of those feel good hormones (dopamine, serotonin, endorphins) and in turn, tells your nervous system to calm down. If receiving a Healing Touch sessions promotes a healthy nervous system, balances your mood and emotions, and makes you feel good I’m all for it!

I look at a Healing Touch session like a reset for your nervous system which addresses that mind-body connection. Overall it instills a feeling of peace and deep relaxation. It’s ideal for those who feel exhausted by stress, experience frequent fatigue or mental fog, or just feel out of sorts with no concrete explanation. Read about one of my initial client experiences using Healing Touch.

What happens during a session?
Your first session will involve a consultation and together we will assess your state of health and lifestyle habits. For the session, you lay fully clothed on the massage table; at times you may feel my hands on your body, but sometimes I will be working slightly above in your energy field. You may experience sensations of warmth, muscle twitches, tingling, or pulsations. Many people report feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful while receiving Healing Touch, as in a meditative state or, experience a sense of floating in space.

How can Healing Touch benefit me?
As part of my training and certification I had to document 100 sessions and complete two case studies. It was during those sessions with a wide demographic of people (outside of the bubble of a classroom with likeminded students) where I observed these most common effects of Healing Touch. I’ve also had people tell me some pretty ‘out there’ things they saw or felt during their session which I cannot explain!