Feel Good

I am a mobile therapist. All sessions are offered in the comfort and convenience of your home or hotel.

90m 180 / 60m 120
Even after doing this work for decades, my massage is constantly evolving. It’s impossible to categorize my style solely as Swedish or deep tissue. I view the body ‘holistically’ because no system in your body works independently. It may seem like I’m zeroing in on just your muscles but I am also thinking about the nervous and lymphatic systems and, considering your physical, emotional, and mental state. 

This is the “house” massage incorporating a variety of therapeutic modalities to create a session based on your individual needs; whether it’s to help you manage pain, recover from an injury, or just relax.

90m 180 / 60m 120

Massage is touted for its stress relieving effect yet often overlooked in traditional skincare treatments. Where does stress noticeably reveal itself? The face. I believe massage is skincare; that it’s about anti-stress rather than anti-aging. Face massage (whether with a Gua sha tool, Lymphatic Brush, or my hands) creates profound changes, resulting in vibrant, healthy, better functioning skin because it not only softens muscle tension but also quiets the nervous system.  Massage is where the magic happens and all of these techniques help release soft tissue (muscles +fascia) restrictions that impede the movement of blood, qi, and lymph while encouraging deep rest and relaxation. Your skins healing potential is ignited and becomes bright and radiant while your natural contours are revealed!


Noticeable, immediate results are often experienced. See before and after photos here, here, and here.

*COMING SOON – an MLD webpage with both face + body session options! In the meantime, learn more below…

Manual Lymphatic Drainage – Neck + Face 
This deeply restful + supportive technique is also available as a stand alone, 60m session

What IS manual lymph drainage (aka MLD)?
MLD addresses the fluid in the body by using a gentle skin stretch rather than manipulating the muscles. Using light-touch, rhythmic motions to stimulate the flow of fluid (lymph) not only supports your immune system, reduces swelling, and relieves pain + inflammation; but also quiets your nervous system and creates healthier skin via more mobile tissue. This supportive therapy is ideal for addressing skin concerns, sinus + facial congestion, headaches, chronic injuries + pain, fatigue, and stress. Even though this treatment is specifically for the neck and face, your entire body will benefit as all lymphatic fluid in the body drains to the area behind your collar bone.

Understanding your lymphatic system
Essentially, it’s not only a part of the immune system but also the transportation and purification system in your body that works alongside the circulatory and nervous systems. The lymphatic vessels maintain fluid levels throughout your body by collecting excess fluid that can lead to inflammation, congestion + swelling in your tissues. This fluid retention manifests as puffy eyes, jowls or swollen ankles, and can result from damaged or removed lymph nodes (e.g. from cancer) resulting in a condition known as lymphedema.

How lymph moves
Your capillaries leak plasma (a component of blood which is 92% water, 7% vital proteins, 1% salts, fats, hormones, vitamins) into the tissue space in which your cells live, providing them with nutrients. Excess plasma as well as cellular ‘poop’ fills this tissue space and, since cells need a pristine environment in order to thrive, lymph vessels act like a vacuum and suck up all of that waste. It then becomes lymph and is transported to your lymph nodes which act like a security checkpoint. They clean, filter, destroy harmful bits, or quarantine them (e.g. hair dye and tattoo ink is forever trapped in your lymph nodes) before sending that purified + safe lymph back into your circulatory system. Lymph does not have its own pump like the circulatory system (the heart) and relies upon MOVEMENT. You can encourage lymph flow simply by walking or jumping, deep breathing (a prime location for lymph is in your abdomen/gut), or manually with MLD techniques.

Simply put, your body is an aquarium – your cells are the fish and your lymphatic system is the filter/pump. If the filter + pump break down in a fish tank, water stops moving and all of the extra food and fish poop makes creates a murky environment. What happens then? There is no flow. Because of the stagnant water and lack of oxygen the fish (cells) suffocate and die. Once again, movement is the key to good health!

I am not an esthetician and these treatments are NOT facials; but in my opinion, the best part! Please prepare for your session by cleansing your skin.