6 reasons NOT to get a massage

Why get a massage?
If you’re here then you already know the benefits of massage! But, some of you might need a little convincing before you part with your money and time. Here are the common excuses I hear for not getting a massage.

*It costs too much.
We spend our money on what we consider valuable. Massage is often depicted as a luxury, reserved for ‘special occasions’ yet good health is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. What kind of value do you place on a good nights’ sleep, less pain, stress relief, or feeling good enough to do the things in life that bring you joy, etc.? Massage may even save money in the long run with fewer doctors visits, less medication, and missed days of work!

*I don’t have the time.
We make time for what’s important to us. Getting a massage is worth your time and your state of health is important. Make time for your body to rest and for your mind to relax. You are much more valuable to your friends, family and coworkers when you aren’t grumpy from being in pain or from elevated levels of stress. Do yourself and everyone around you a favor, make the time.

*I’m uncomfortable with my body.
We’re not all airbrushed models or celebrities with personal trainers so the idea of removing our clothing and allowing a stranger to touch us can potentially be unsettling. TRUST ME ON THIS – I am not judging you. I am not recoiling in horror to your cellulite, stretch marks, scars, missing digits, birthmarks, hairy legs, hairy back (well maybe a little…just kidding!), tattoos, etc. I’ve been doing this for 20+ years, I’ve seen it all. the human body is an amazing machine capable of amazing things. embrace your flaws (real or perceived). Appreciate all that your body can do. Love and accept who you are and how you look.

*I had a bad massage experience.
You know what, me too. Several of them. Nothing more serious than a therapist who talked too much, or chewed gum, or breathed ridiculously loud, or just gave me a really awful massage, or the one who told me she could ‘cure’ my scoliosis; but think about it this way, what if the first movie you saw was awful, would you never watch another? What if you had a bad pizza experience? You certainly wouldn’t ever eat pizza again, you’d just try another place. Get recommendations for a massage therapist from someone you trust. a good therapist will be on time, is friendly, will listen to your needs, know when to be quiet, adjust his or her technique as needed or directed, and respect your investment in time and money.

*I feel guilty.
The people who feel guilty about getting a massage tend to be those who care for others such as parents, nurses, volunteers, or personal assistants. for those of you who still pay attention to in-flight instructions before takeoff, you’re reminded to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others. What good are you to others when you’re in pain, feeling anxious or worried, sick, tired? Getting a massage is not a selfish act! It recharges your batteries, allowing you to continue your duties without interruptions.

*It feels good but it doesn’t last.
Just because something is temporary doesn’t mean it’s not valuable or necessary, or not worth your time. The dinner you ate tasted good but it doesn’t mean you won’t eat again and one great workout doesn’t last a week so we keep going back to the gym. Most things we do for ourselves physically are temporary but our bodies require regular, consistent attention. A headache, stiff neck, back pain and stress sometimes don’t go away on their own but require action to make it better. That one massage may help relieve your pain, reduce your stress, sleep better, give you more energy and help you function more optimally. At the same time, have some reasonable expectations from that one massage. Years of chronic pain, or a muscle that’s been injured for a few days will not be resolved in one visit. Sure you’ll feel better, but make a commitment to routine maintenance and you’ll quickly see the difference it can make!