VIDEO: start a self-care ritual

let’s start taking care of ourselves so we can be of better service to our friends, family, and community!

here’s one way to jump-start your self care program…the CHAKRA CONNECTION technique from Healing Touch. ideally you’ll want to do this every. damn. day. in order to raise your vibration. and why would you want to raise your vibration? well, for starters we are, as is everything else in this universe, made up of energy, which means that we (humans, animals, plants, nature) respond energetically to each other. when something or someone has a lower vibration (aka frequency) that usually manifests as heaviness, sadness, anger, hate, fear…a real debbie downer. on the other hand, things that vibrate on a higher frequency represent happiness, joy, connection, and peace. think of it as raising and sending out positive energy to your environment…and we could ALL use a little bit of that for 2018!

watch the video below for some guidance and download the image as a cheat sheet. here are a few reminders:

  1. sit upright yet relaxed, with feet flat on the ground
  2. settle yourself by closing your eyes and taking a few deep inhalations/exhalations
  3. gently hold each position for 1 minute or longer
  4. focus your thoughts and healing energy into your palms. notice any subtle heat variations, pulses, vibrations, tingling…or nothing at all! don’t force it…just let it happen.
  5. when finished, sit quietly for a few moments focusing on your breath and being aware of how you feel